Monday, January 30, 2012

Topps 2012 Series One - Teaser?

Sitting right downstairs is an unopened 19.99 blaster, and a 9.99 blaster, both waiting for me, as I wait for the baby to fall asleep. I went to Target to pick up pictures for my wife - I offered, and before she could thank me I made sure that I owned up to the fact that I was on my own mission.

At Target, they had the 10 pack plus one patch blaster, and a 5 pack blaster, and I will try to record some stats and let you know what I found. Last year I purchased the 4.99 hanging pack (36 cards) almost exclusively - I stayed away from these blasters. This year, I decided - for no good reason - that I wanted to sample the blasters as well, and compare. And at least for this night, that was my only shot, as these were the only options available. I grabbed one of each, and now I am simply blogging away, waiting for the first baby yawn that will indicate that pack-ripping time is near...

On a side note, since I use my blog to basically ask questions out to the blog-iverse and pray for any response, answer this: How do you buy cards? Hobby boxes only? Blaster sets? Sneak a $2 pack in with your coffee at Wawa in the morning? And of course, WHY do you buy your cards this way?

(Last year I bought one hobby box, on ebay. Thought about the jumbo, but decided against it...)


  1. If it's a set I want to collect, I go for a hobby box...but honestly I'm weak so I also end up with blasters or rack packs when I venture into Target or WalMart.

  2. I get mostly rack packs from Target, because my LCS does not have much in the way of low end hobby packs. I'll grab a blaster if the value is good and it is a set I like (ie Gypsy Queen last year).