Sunday, May 6, 2012

How the Gypsies Got My Money

It was simple, really.  Strawberry.  Carter, as a Met.  And a David Wright in the blaster I bought - that pretty much did it.

I know I am late to the Gypsy Queen party.  About a year late, from what I see people have written about 2011 GQ.  And I know some bloggers have panned the design, especially the grey color.  I really think it works, though.  It allows the colors in the picture to really jump out of the "frame" - an effect that I think works in these three cards I've shown.

I saw that Target had Gypsy Queen blaster boxes about 2 weeks ago.  I resisted buying.  I have been looking forward to Archives, so I didn't want to get involved in another chase.  If you follow my blog, you'll know that 2012 Heritage was the first non-flagship purchase I have ever made.  And thanks to a vendor I keep stalking at local card shows, I have parlayed the two hobby boxes I bought into a just-about-complete master set of Heritage.  (I haven't finished New Age Performers yet, nor the stickers - still deciding on whether to chase either.  But I have all the high-numbered SPs - yay, me!)

So that brings us to what happened here.  Innocently enough, I bought a blaster box and a hanger pack (not sure if my terminology is correct, but whatever - I spent $30!) and really liked the look of the framed paper cards.  And then I made the big mistake - I started reading blogs.

And I think I am so jealous of the dedication and approach of Lifetime Topps Project, that after a week went by, I bought another blaster box.  And after stalking prices at Blowout Cards, I decided that maybe I would grab some GQ when the price went down.  (I had noticed a price drop for Heritage, and thought GQ might follow suit.)

And finally, I simply got tired of waiting, and ordered two hobby boxes.

So while I limped in to this product, I look forward to opening some packs tomorrow night.  If time permits (it hasn't lately!), I'll try to get some posts up for those who want to follow along.  And feel free to comment on what I should look for, and HOW the heck to collect GQ - the sheer variety of the mini's is baffling to me...


  1. Nice! Welcome to the GQ obsession!!!! Haha! Feel free to stop by and see if there are any you need once you bust your boxes. I have PLENTY of base cards to spare (I've busted 8+ hobby boxes at this point) and I would definitely be interested in any mini cards you have to spare!!!

    As for how to collect GQ... really, I think you've got to decide what sub-section of it you want to go after, because going after the hole she-bang is quite an investment of money, time and energy. I personally am going after the base set, SP's and then a set 1-350 of the mini's (regular front only, don't care what the back variation is). There are SO many variations on the mini's it can drive you crazy. It's gotten me confused a couple times in sorting. I think once you bust your boxes and see what you have, you'll kind of be drawn to whatever part of it interests you most. I think it's a bit different for each collector, as this set has a bunch of different angles to take on it.

    1. i was actually thinking of doing the same as you - but chasing 350 mini's is probably going to be pretty tough - so i'll have to see... the boxes, as you mentioned, will probably help me decide what i want to do...

      i got a sepia mini #/99 in a blaster box - is that a "hit?"

      and keep me posted on your progress, and HOW you are proceeding - i have a lot to learn!

  2. Haha, it can get you, for sure. That Mays from your blaster in your last post looks sweet!

    Also - they have Doc Gooden in the set, too!

    1. i THOUGHT i saw a Gooden, too! (maybe on your blog?) - either way, that's pretty cool!

  3. Nothing wrong buying and enjoying something you like. I said going into 2012 I was going to skip GQ in favor of A&G later this year. But I too caved and bought some retail packs and I became hooked as well. Love the look and the player selection and the fact that there aren't any SPs in the regular card size.