Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm back... with some Queens!

I have to be honest. I know nothing about Gypsy Queen.  If you've followed this blog, you may remember that until 2012 Heritage, I had been pretty much a Topps flagship collector only.  Not for any reason other than keeping track of all the other sets was just mind-blowing.  I didn't get it.

But now, I'm starting to.  I LOVED Heritage, and I still have 22 more high-numbered short prints to track down.  And now, I went to target and dropped thirty bucks on Gypsy Queen.  I was going to hold out and just wait till Archives (is that the name of it?) in late May, but perhaps I was swayed by the fact that the Mets collapse hasn't begun yet, so I still look at baseball with a hopeful eye.

This first post will just feature the three cards on top, which are some kind of "framed card" - these were in a target pack that cost either 9.99 or 9.49 - I can't remember.  The pack contained three regular packs, and then these three "framed cards" - and I'm not sure if they are some insert or sub-set or target exclusive thing...  but I do know this - they look and feel VERY nice in my hands.

My apologies for the blog absence, but I am now "in-season" with coaching, so my free time becomes quite limited.  I will continue to read everyone out there - and will pay special attention to Gypsy Queen!


  1. If you have a list of the Heritage #'s you need, let me know. I have some available.

  2. Hey - I owe you some cards. Let me know what your Heritage needs list is and I'll see if I can send any your way.