Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 Gypsy Queen - I am one pleased customer!

Since I didn't jump right into Gypsy Queen by pre-ordering, I was able to read several posts and even some reviews about the set before I leaped.  Four hits per hobby box seemed intriguing, but I've grown wary of hits considering that my Heritage hits were pretty bland.  So instead of hits, I just like nice cards with some interesting inserts of SP's - and here is the blue framed paper insert (parallel?) and this Rivera is a nice card to look at and a great name to own!  And the Johnny Bench photo variation SP was another notable card in the final eight packs of my Hobby Box that I opened.  But more was on the way...

My three favorite mini's for the eight pack series include this black border, and two great names.

But then I found something I had not ever seen before, and also something that now ONLY I OWN!  (That's right, my first ever 1/1!!!)

I know Stephen Drew is not exactly a great name, but I was simply thrilled to pull this printing plate!  Here is the back, if you haven't seen one:

I really have no idea what I am going to do with this.  I did spend a bunch of money - probably more than I wanted to - on these two hobby boxes, so I may look to get a little back on ebay.  I might have to ask you guys for advice on how to sell cards on ebay - just little tips and general suggestions - since I've never done it before.

But for the short while, I'm going to just enjoy owning a 1/1!


  1. Great pull! I hear you - not the biggest name, but still a cool card to pull either way.

    Looks like you've pulled some nice cards out of this. Mantle & Rivera blue frames. I really like those framed cards - wish there was a little more than 599 printed!

  2. Congrats...I've not pulled one of those, so I'm not going to be down on pulling Drew.