Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Big Fat Gypsy Queen Hit!

Confession - it's not that big.

But the Starlin Castro is probably the best hit in my two boxes of Gypsy Queen.  I *really* am liking these on-card autos.  They look great - the signature really jumps out with the blue pen on the faded portion of the card.

I saw the Castro's fetching around $25 to $40 on ebay - probably the best single card I've pulled in 2012, counting flagship, heritage, and now GQ.

I still plan on purchasing Archives, so we'll see if it gets any better.  And since I'm a card collector more than a card seller, I am quite happy with what I've got.  I may hunt around for the Jon Niese auto card, as it's the only Met - but I don't really "need" it...

These are a few of my "special" minis - not the one's in the little box - these all came from packs.  Two sepias (#/99) is a little better than the odds, I think.  I haven't fished through all the minis enough to know which are SPs, so I'll hold off on showing those.

How about some photo variation SP's?  These are the six I pulled in this box:

Again, I plan on chasing these, but I have a lot to find.  I will probably hit a card show this weekend and see if my "dealer" who hooked me up with a bunch of Heritage SPs will have some for me...

My final scan includes my relics and another framed paper - and I really like those!  (the framed paper - not the relics)

I'll try to get some overall stats up soon, and I'm not going to scan the other insert sets in GQ - the moonshots and glove stories and sliding stars - I'm sure you've all seen them.

All in all, my first GQ experience has been very positive!

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  1. I pulled a Niese auto out of one of my boxes, its up for trade.