Saturday, June 2, 2012

Topps 2012 Archives - 8 More Packs

Finally had some time to open more packs and get some scans up.  This is taking longer than I would like, but it's because I've been busy at work - and for me, that's a GOOD thing!  First up, here are some of the best base cards in my packs - two from each year.  King Felix and my favorite Met (though Santana just jumped a whole bunch of spots after last night) highlight the 84's, and Catfish and Longoria represent '80.  Longoria's career is in an interesting spot, right?  He needs to get back on the field - it's funny, I get the feeling that he is always hurt, but looking at his career numbers, that's just not the case.  I'd like to see what 4 healthy years in a row would produce for him...

The Kemp card is probably my favorite, though Reggie reminds me of my first days watching baseball.  Did you see's comparison of Braun's 2011 vs. 2012?  Very interesting argument to support his performance - not that I'm a fan of his, at all...

With the help of some of you out there, I think I have finally correctly identified these three cards as high-numbered short prints.  No Archives stamp, and the numbers all fall 201-240.

Three more inserts, leading off with the shiny rainbow something-or-other Fielder.  Also, reprints (not high numbered SP's) of Seaver and Brooks Robinson.  Interesting posting a Seaver card the day after Johan truly cements his name in the Mets history books.

My final scan presents my favorite insert and least favorite, side-by-side.  Maybe I'm just stickered out from Heritage, especially because they are so similar.  The Cano 3-D is really cool in hand, the 3-D effect works better than I thought it would, and not nearly as cheesy as I feared.

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