Monday, April 6, 2009

was Jason Motte the steal of your draft?

In the spirit of Tuffy Rhodes, Jason Motte has destroyed my fantasy baseball week in the first inning of his 2009 season. In my "money-league" draft, everyone gasped when I drafted him, surely confirming his Steal Of The Draft title.... And it took all of one inning to create a new curse word in the Brady vernacular.

I am trying to watch the re-broadcast of the Mets game, since I couldn't watch it at school or practice today. Good to see Santana get this win - I remember this scenario, seemingly every other start for April and May last year - leave with the lead, end up with a no-decision. For one day, at least, the new Mets pen looks rock solid.

Did anyone see Sabathia's uniform earlier today? The Yanks road greys are NOT flattering.

We also nearly saw a reverse Jeffrey Mayer (sp?) in the 8th inning when the O's 9th batter Cesar Izturis hit a 2-run insurance homer. Didn't you fully expect the Yankees to get that call? They didn't, and it looks like 0-1 for the Bombers.

Earlier in the game the YES announcers mentioned that the O's led MLB in attendance for 3 or 4 years after Camden Yards opened. Now they are near the bottom - 11 losing seasons in a row pretty much keeping fans away in droves. Nice park, too. Tough division, though, with the "big two" spending all that money. I thought the O's were spending some money about five years ago - did they just give up?

Alarming note for the Yanks - is this bullpen (no counting Rivera, of course) good enough? It really may not be. Especially if this lineup shows the effects of age and the absence of A-Rod. Today's game is one the Yankees have often won in the past - go down 6-1, the bullpen stops the bleeding long enough for the bats to catch up.... Instead, the Yanks rally to make it 6-5 (then Teixeira chokes with his big chance!) and the bullpen gives back 4 in the 8th... game over!

Just flipped back to the Mets replay - can anyone actually watch replays? I simply can't. I want to - I really do - but knowing what has happened makes it impossible.

NL East standings:

Mets 1-0
Braves 1-0
Fish 1-0
Nats 0-1
Phils 0-1

magic number, anyone?

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